Over 2 Week Post Fraxel and I've Developed Small Ichy Bumps

I'm 18 days now post fraxel repair and still have...

I'm 18 days now post fraxel repair and still have redness. But now I also have small ichy raised blemishes. But they dont seem like pimples My doctor seems to say there is nothing wrong and that I'm progressing normally. Soooo am I???


Your doctor owes you a better explanation than that. You have a right to know what that is and how to treat it from your doctor. Your skin is very delicate and at higher risk for scarring than before so its important to know what you have so you can treat it correctly. I would not put oil on any bumps unless directed by your doctor. And do not pick at them or you will scar. If your doctor doesn't give you the information you need, seek a second opinion. Good luck.
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its eczema/dermatitis from the dryness. try to keep it moisturized or use oil.
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