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Because my buttocks had began to sag. I had a...

Because my buttocks had began to sag. I had a the fat transfer to my buttocks about 4 years ago, and now have to look into having the problem corrected. One buttock is much curvier than the other but the other sits up higher. If it wasn't so noticeable it wouldn't have been such an issue, but I was dismissed after the second surgery to correct the issue, which I was again charged about 3k for, did not correct the issue.

I'm very disappointed and upset that i have to go somewhere else and pay to correct the problem. I went to him because he had a trusting smile, but i find myself skeptical of all surgeons now.

Thank you for the avoidance information and I'm sorry for your troubles dear. xoxo
I almost went to Stein and I am so glad that I did not. After my consult with him I began to google him and found so many bad reviews and unhappy patietns. However, if you google brazilian butt lift and chicago he is the first person who pops up with claims of being the best. Found out later that doctors pay for this service.... d@mn shame. I wish you the best with your revision surgery.
Ooooohhh girl, I'm sooooo sorry to hear that. I hope the problem gets corrected to your liking. It's sooo sad n frustrating, not to mention expensive to do this. But I believe you will get the results you seek. My advice to you is research research research. Never trust these ps smiles or a bargain price. You have to go to a couple doctors before you chose. Good luck and keep us posted, I realize in this forum you will get plenty support from all of us in here. We're here to help.
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