Major Waste of Money - Chicago, IL

I am relatively small but have cellulite on my...

I am relatively small but have cellulite on my abdomen, sides of stomach & thighs. My doctor told me that Endermologie would help with all of that including increasing my metabolism and helping with my overall weight loss.

Personally, I have not seen a bit of difference in my skin and I think that with most other things I've done that were stupid decisions (see my lipo review :-/) it was yet another stupid decision.

I wish I lived in another country where how we looked in a bikini or tight dress did not feel so g-damn important.

I was going to try this out at "Endermologie Chicago" next week. Is this where you went?

I'm looking to try that place as well. They have groupons and youswoop deals. Anyone been there that can give a review?
Hi there- I have been going to Inga and have seen ridiculous results. No joke - I have gone 13 times now and my skin is completely transformed and I dropped almost 2 sizes. I also exercise regularly, which I know helps. I recommend Inga who is in the Chicago (Belmont) location and she also works at Buffalo Grove location. She gets booked up fairly quick and is in the city Tuesdays, Thursdays (and I think some Saturdays). BG - Mon-wed-fri
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