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OMG!! There is a lot of false advertising going on...

OMG!! There is a lot of false advertising going on about the "painless" Coolscuplting procedure. I'm on day 5 and could not be in any more pain. I had lipo done 2 years ago and didn't have near as much pain as I'm going thru now. On top of feeling like someone is stabbing me in the stomach and a swarm of bees and needles are stinging me, my upper abdomen is twice the size it was when I nwent in.

Most info on this procedure says there is "some" swelling and little to no pain, well i'm here to tell you they are lying. Spoke with office staff today and she informed after the fact that i have at least 2 more weeks of this pain.

Think twice about this procedure, Lipo is less painful and a little more expensive than Coolscuplting. I need some relief!!!

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I just spoke with my doctor, who I would never ever recommend or will I go back to, and requests a prescription for Neurotin. She wants me to try wearing "Spanks" and if pain still extreme by Monday, then she will write the rx. She has never rx'd pain meds for the procedure and is very hesitant to rx them now. (I don't think she has done many procedures!)
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No one at my clinic told me it was painless. As a matter of fact, just the opposite. Said it will probably be at around a 5-7 level. Warned me to take the nerve-blocker as soon as I felt ANY pain, not to wait until it got bad. Asked me how I handled pain, before they decided how high to set the machine.
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Had it done in Oakbrook. The nurse nor doctor did not mention anything about a nerve- blocker pill, I really think it would have made my experience so much more bearable. Will be 2 weeks tomorrow and the pain is just now starting to fade, but still numb. I haven't seen any results yet, but keeping my fingers crossed by the 3rd week I will start to see results and be pain free. I'm really hopeful this was worth.
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HI - I am day 7 post procedure and experience debilitating pain daily at about 2pm which lasts until the following morning. Nothing helps. Even the fabric of my shirt hitting my abdomen hurts! Nobody mentioned post-op pain to me, except that I might fell some mild "pins and needle" sensation which ibuprofen should take care of. Well, I have to work tomorrow, so I hope the pain will be less by then.
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Neurontin (nerve-blocker) is what you need, not ibuprofen.
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I'm 6 weeks post procedure and as bad as I hate to say it, it was worth it. I will never have it done again because it was sooo painful. I had intense pain for minimum 4 weeks and still numb in certain areas. I can see a huge difference in my upper abdomen but think lipo was way less painful. If considering this procedure, do your research and prepare because it REALLY hurts for a LONG time!!
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I'm in Chgo too, where did you have it done? I had very little pain & they had the machine turned almost all the way up. they gave me a nerve-blocker for the pain & I only took 3 pills. I'm only 3 weeks post-treatment & my tummy is already flatter.
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