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At this point I am completely frustrated with...

At this point I am completely frustrated with Clear Correct. I had my impressions done on January 4,2012. It is March 16,2012. and I have yet to receive any updates regading my aligners. The initial timeframe is supposed to be 6-8 wks, and I'm not understanding why this process is taking so long. I was informed from the dentist office that Clear correct is backed up on their new cases. This is not my problem!!! If I had known this process was going to be so drawn out, I would've just gone with Invisalign. The longer it takes me to receive me aligners, the longer i'll have to wear them. Also, Clear correct is not even giving an estimate of when the aligners will be in.. What company does that!!! So I'm just supposed to sit and wait ???


We’re so sorry you’re experiencing such frustration. I understand that you have already spoken with your dentist, however the best thing for you to do at this point would be to request they call us again. We would be more than happy to provide them with an estimated ship/arrival date. We can also let them know exactly why there may have been a delay, because the turn-around time you’re describing is not normal.
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