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I started off with A cups. All I wanted was to...

I started off with A cups. All I wanted was to have nice boobs, and I would have paid more than what I did to get them. I thought I knew what I wanted: 450cc Gel implants under the muscle. I felt I was getting a fair price for the procedure so I didn't bother with second opinions. I couldn't believe that my results were botched and now I have to have them revised. I'm not "freaking out" anymore, I'm just smarter this time around. I'm making sure I understand the treatment plan and I'm doing my homework. I am skeptical about going back to the same surgeon because of the bad results I got the first time, but he is offering to do it at no charge, so I'm probably just going back unless I can find another solution. So far, it's been difficult to make smart decisions about the revision when I can't decipher all the information out there and how it pertains to me and my crazy looking boobs.

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Don't ignore your gut feelings. My PS came recommended by women I know, which is why I was confused by the consultation and pre-surgical process. I felt like he really wanted to sell the case rather than being excited about planning the surgery itself. I told him I would have liked Moderate profile implants, and he said "NO" he only does high profile implants. After reading what other doctors say, my implant choice was too large and the profile is too high. Should have had a second opinion but didn't because I wanted to get it done so bad right away!

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Sorry for all the drama. I am also in the same boat....i had a a tummy tuck and did not get good results. I need a revision. I am looking for a surgeon to do my breast augmentation and my revision. Who did your surgery?
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Hi there! I'm sorry you had a bad experience, that's always been a nightmare scare of mine.. I was lucky to have had a wonderful experience! I just had to say that if you went to the PS originally because the cost was cheap and he seemed to know what you wanted... Since it didn't turn out the way you wanted, then I'd go to someone else for sure, even if he was going to pay you to see him! Why go back to the person who told you no to what you wanted and then messed it up for you?? I'd see several other doctors then choose one of them to fix it right the way you want them to look. Goodluck!!
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It hurts..and it will hurt for about a week or so.
Pain medication relieves the pain. You have to sleep on your back and head and chest elevated.
There is a numbing, burning sensation as the nerves in your chest come back and try to adjust to the implants.

As your scars heal they will itch..but time heals all wounds :)

Hope this gives you a lil insight on what to expect. :)
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No pain whatsoever!!! Sometimes I use lotion if the skin is tight or dry.

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i just wanna know if it hurts the skin, your before boobs are like mine and i dont want my skin to hurt or itch if i get them done...please do tell.
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How long ago was your surgery?
It could take up to a year for all to take effect.
If you've had your surgery more than a year ago, i feel like your implant is too large for your frame and yes, a lil uneven as well.

As far as moderate plus or high profile implants, the difference in measurements and projection between the two is very small. I think the 450cc was the bad decision, perhaps a 350 or 375 would of worked better for you.
Best of luck!
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Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for posting your story with us. I'm sorry you're not happy with your results. Your implants do look a little uneven. I'm not sure how long ago you had your surgery, but could your breasts still be swollen? If your surgeon won't do a lower profile, though, maybe you should look for another doctor. At least go on several consultations and really think this through.

Please come back and let us know what you decide to do!

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