Blue Light Therapy After 2 Squamous Cancers Removed from Face

I've had 2 squamous cancers removed from face....

I've had 2 squamous cancers removed from face. Dr. recomended blue light therapy.

The blu light therapy its self was ok, after I got home face turned beet red, sore swollen,I was also throwing up from the severe burn, I was in bed for 2 days. It is day 5 my face is dry peeling and sore.

Don't know if I would do it again.

It has been 5 days since my treatment and I have severe wrinkles under my eyes my face is peeling. Help I look and feel horible is this normal?

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Has been in bussiness 30 years she came highly recommended

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I had similar effects to severe sunstroke. Had severe pains in head and 3 weeks later had a t.i.a coinfirmed after momentarily going blind in one eye completely. Would never go near it again.
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thank God I have read your review! I thought I was going mad. I had same feeling as sunstroke, severe pains in head for 3 weeks, then the pain suddenly stopped and on that day I went blind in one eye and had t.i.a confirmed!
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which Country are you in?
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