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I do not usually have time to write reviews but Im...

I do not usually have time to write reviews but Im currently typing since I am really happy with my results. I just had my restylane injection yesterday and Im loving my results. I have no bruising and just very minimal swelling considering that 2 weeks before my treatment I took Arnica, drank pineapple juice and even took Bromelain (pineapple extract) (3x a day). Yes, I may sound extreme but I think that really helps with the results. The Dr. injected me with 1 cc for each eye considering that I have really deep lines. This is really a breakthrough for me...... for anyone out there who's been hating their eyebags..go for Restylane! Make sure you choose the right hand to inject you and take the proper supplements prior to your treatment to get good results! Good luck to all! Goodbye eye creams for me...yay!

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The key I guess with any injectables is the person who is performing it. I did my research and I found that Dr. Naderi is really the best in the area. He is very approachable, he listens very well to his patient and does not try to sell products but suggests what would help achieve the best look. With this, I had botox treated as well on my eyes' crow feet and Im glad I listened and took his suggestion. Yes, Dr. Naderi's price maybe more pricey than your local derma/spa place but you are paying for his expertise. It's all worth it since you don't really want to just anyone injecting your face and end up looking like a mess..right?

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I noticed most of Dr. Naderi's patients are not posting any photos!
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i know....i can send them a link as well...they just need to PM me. Id rather not post my face here since I dont really want to be part of google images..:-D
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anyone interested with before and after pictures...please PM me with your email address.
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essence1981, I would love it if you would post before and after pictures on your review. That way many more people can see them, and not feel they are having to share their email address with someone they don't know. :)

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Pictures please? There would be a lot of people helped with pictures. I am considering going to him, but I need to see results before I actually go through with it.
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Yay is right!! So happy that the Restylane worked so well for you, and I have to agree, choosing a qualified & highly skilled injector seems to be the key, especially in the eye area.

I would love it if you would keep us updated on how the product does for you, and how long it lasts!

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