Radiess Really Works!

Pros: 3.6cc is use on my face. It turns out as...

Pros: 3.6cc is use on my face. It turns out as great as I was 30 years ago!

Cons: a little pain during injection. My legs are sore after in jection. I will wait and see how long it will last.

After one month of radiess, it is completely gone. My doctor injects a tranperant liquid from a bottle to my lower face. After consulting other doctors, I found out radiess is actually a white gel ready for inject, but it is not liquid from a bottle. My doctor must have injected some cheaper thing instead the radiess I paid.
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is excellent. I bought 3.6cc radiess for $1800. He injected it on face hollows. I felt a little pain during injection. After 8 hours of ice padding on face, it turns out great! I would recommend this doctor to you. So you shouldn't have any sideeffect as people discussed in this forum. Good Luck to all!

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