1st Treatment of Fraxel Re-store for Acne Scars and Sun Spots

Today I had my first Fraxel re-store treatment and...

Today I had my first Fraxel re-store treatment and it was amazing! Not as painful as I thought it would be, just some minimal stinging. After the treatment my faced looked and felt like a mild sunburn. Follow post treatment instructions.

My physian recommended 4 treatments for skin type, acne scars and sun/age spots. Would I recommend this to a friend, YES!

Second Fraxel treatment on Friday 4/23, amazing!!! My skin looks great and feels great! For all of you who have had negative results my only recommendation is to seek a qualified plastic surg. I continue to have GREAT results. My skin looks much smoother and radiant. Treatment three is June 11th, then my last treatment should be about three weeks later. Do I still recomment Fraxel, YES!!!
My skin was beautiful after Fraxel . . . for the first month! Now 6 months past; it's ruined and sagging!! Don't count your chickens . . .

run don't walk as fast as you can from this procedure..... the more fraxel treatments you get ... the more repair you will need. i honestly believe that this proceduer goes way beyond the degree of skin level it states.... so many people burned /scarred/ traumatized form this laser.... lunch time no down time procedure .... this is if you don't mind spending two years and countless hours behind closed doors looking for a doctor who will even look at you much less accept ypu as a patient out of fear of liability... and this is to repair not improve. if your life is to want to self blame/ isolate yourself/ not be able to look in the mirror with out regrets/become depressed/suicidal/ self medicate to relieve the pain/ spend enormous amounts of money on creams lotions and doctors. if you choose to self destroy your soul and losse all self identity.... then this is the procedure for you..... go for it... it might work?? is the risk worth it? one can will themselves gone from losing all they ever knew.... there face and beauty.... this was promised as a safe effective health/skin/acne scar/ hypopigmentaion safe improvement. news flash...... it don't always turn out like you thought...... don't sell yourself short..... this is not fda regulated and the loop holes are big........ my wrinkles are mine.. i feel my lips and i wish well results for all. i buried my 39 year old daughter on her quest for health improvement..... it was her choice. i know i am her mom...... she did not need it. but i need her...... in todays society would self gain and money justify anothers integrity and livly hood...... no it is about balance the balance of being grateful for what we have

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