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Like everyone above i live in regret e v e r y d a...

like everyone above i live in regret e v e r y d a y, to the point where i don't want to leave the house. before the surgery i was confident about myself. my eyes were almond shaped and beautiful. i had puffy eyes because i have life long thyroid disease. my thyroid levels were completely off when i went to see the surgeon. he is a very respected and chosen multiple times by a high regarded magazine in my city as one of the top surgeons. in our consultation i told him my thyroid levels were off. He insisted upper and lower surgery would help to take the tired look go away. he said after the levels were straight it would not effect the outcome of the surgery. a week before the proceedure i consulted a hollistic doctor who told me not to go through with it. i then went to the surgeon and explained to him i had second thoughts. he kept insisting my outcome would be pleasing and i believed him. 3 years later i don't even look like myself. i even had fat injected into my face to make it better and it hasn't. i don't regret many things i have done in my life but its hard to accept my face when i have to look at it everyday. i'm not even 40 and have aged 10 years in 3 years! thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Nancy, I think you look great. You certainly do not look like 40! I just had my upper eyelids done 3 weeks ago and I felt that I looked tired until I put on some eyeliner and shadow, and wow what a difference. Try it and see. Maybe that's all that is needed to perk you up. I wish you all the best.
Agreed. You look nice in both pics...perhaps only you can see the difference? I know I see things in myself others don't - we our are own worst critics. I see nothing abnormal or bad about your appearance and you do not look 40. Hope you can overcome any self-doubt and negativity (which I know is hard to do as I obsess on things myself) and enjoy life! :-) Hugs!
I agree with Leah, I think you looked lovely before and just as lovely now! No way do you look anywhere near 40. Don't waste your life nancy, you are beautiful! Get out and enjoy again. Xxx sending love your way

I'm encouraged from the positive feedback from you...

i'm encouraged from the positive feedback from you special, thoughtful ladies. What has disturbed me the most is that i no longer look like my family members and when people that haven't seen me in a while, don't recognize me. I am trying to accept this new look but i wish i looked like i use to. At the same time i know it could always be worse, so i will try to move on and love and accept myself. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS. love and light to you all.
It's hard to compare the two photos when in one you are smiling and look happy AND have makeup on, then in the 'after' photo you look sad and have no make up. I think the problem is inside your head. Put on a smile and some makeup then compare!
Nancy, I still think you look beautiful and thank you for sharing your story.
Nancy I think you look great. I agree we can be our own worst critics. Try this: put on some makeup (especially mascara), put on a smile, have someone take a picture of you in the same lighting and at the same angle as your before shot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. ;) btw, you have amazing skin and certainly do not look 40.
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Dr. Albert F. Fluery Jr. did not care about my feelings. he insisted that i get the surgery i did not need. i even went to him a week before the procedure was scheduled and told him i had second thoughts and did not want to go through with it. he insisted that the results would be pleasing. i can never reverse what has been done. i'll take the puffiness i had anyday.

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