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I’ve had cellulite on the back of thighs for...

I’ve had cellulite on the back of thighs for years, but I hadn’t heard of any treatment that works until now with Cellulaze. My cellulite is small ridges on the backs of my thighs, just enough to annoy me. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Tina B. West who is offering the procedure in her Chevy Chase, MD office. Dr. West is a very experienced dermatologic surgeon, who also performs LipoSelection and CoolSculpting body contouring procedures, so I knew I was in good hands.

During the consultation, Dr. West made it very clear that this is not a quick fix; it takes 3 to 6 months to see full results. After seeing the before and after pictures, and Dr. West answering all of my questions, I decided Cellulaze was for me.

I had the back of my thighs, starting at the back of my knees, treated with Cellulaze by Dr. West on June 21, 2012. I came in at 8:30 a.m. and had photos taken. Dr. West answered all of my questions and I was then given a Valium. They marked my area to be treated with different colored markers and then had me lie on my stomach on the table.

Dr. West injected a special numbing solution into my legs that numbed the didn’t hurt at all. The treatment took about an hour, maybe a little more. There was no pain during the procedure and that was great! I was able to talk to Dr. West and her assistant throughout the procedure. I never felt woozy or out of it from the Valium, just relaxed. When the procedure was over, I felt fine. I put my compression garment on. Dr. West told me I would have some drainage from the sites for 24-48 hours, so I was prepared for it. I went home and took it easy for the rest of the day but was never uncomfortable.

I had drainage for about 24 hours or so, but it wasn’t terrible. Using the absorbent pads certainly helped. I returned to work the next day without much inconvenience. I have to say, I was expecting this procedure to be a lot more painful! Maybe having a smaller area treated is a “cake-walk”. Honestly the worst part has to be the compression garment. It really does compress! In a week I’ll be able to switch to Spanx, which aren’t nearly as tight as these. I slept fine that night. I did take an Advil that night ‘just in case’ but I don’t think I needed it.

As I sit here writing this 5 days after Cellulaze my thighs are still a little bruised and of course tender to the touch, but I feel that they do look a little smoother…but it’s way too early to tell. Dr. West told me NOT to expect results for 3 to 6 months and the bruising may get worse before it gets better. I just have to be patient! Based on the information I have read about what is actually happening under my skin (and what I’ve read here on RealSelf), I can’t imagine seeing results until the healing has finished…I will keep everyone posted!

It's been a week since my Cellulaze treatment with...

It's been a week since my Cellulaze treatment with Dr. Tina West and I feel great! My bruising is getting better day by day; right now it's kind of a yellowish discoloration in the areas that were treated. The skin is still a little tender to the touch, but it feels a little tighter and smoother. I'm wearing Spanx at night. I haven't had any drainage since the night after Cellulaze.

I've been reluctant to go bicycling, I feel like I could start that next week. I'm only sitting on edges of chairs, and getting into the car is just a little challenging. I don't have any tingling or numbness.

Overall, I feel great and the area looks better than it did before. Looking forward to getting to the 3 month mark!

It's been almost a month since my Cellulaze...

It's been almost a month since my Cellulaze treatment with Dr. West. I look (and feel!) GREAT! I can definitely see smoother, flatter skin where I was treated. The bruises and swelling are long gone. I’m doing all of my normal activities. Once in a while I get a little tightness where I had the Cellulaze, but a light massage relieves that. I had a full body massage yesterday and that was great! I know I’m only one month along and not to expect full results for a few more, but I’m really happy with what I’m seeing!

I officially hit the one month mark and am doing...

I officially hit the one month mark and am doing great! The areas I had treated are definitely smoother with less noticeable cellulite. I still have a few months before I reach my 'best' but i am truly happy. I know a big part of my success so far has to with Dr. West. She is the best! Her skill and experience have made this entire procedure so enjoyable for me. If you're interested in Cellulaze in Washington DC I fully recommend Dr Tina West.

I had a 6 week follow up today with Dr. West. I...

I had a 6 week follow up today with Dr. West. I was so excited to see the pictures from before Cellulaze compared to today's pictures. I will post them, that's how excited I am about my fabulous results. As you can see, the back of my upper thighs are much smoother than before. Dr. West was really happy with my results as well...and she reminded me I'm still only at the halfway point-I may have even more improvement to come! Since it's going to be so hot this weekend in Washington, DC, you'll find me at the pool showing off my 'new' legs! Thank you Cellulaze and Dr. Tina West!
Washington DC Dermatologist

Dr. Tina West and her staff at The West Institute for Skin, Laser and Body Contouring couldn't have been more professional. I was seen on time and had a very thorough Cellulaze consultation. She answered all my questions and was very honest about the procedure, which helped me have realistic expectations. Dr. West performed my procedure with care, asking me how I was feeling and for my feedback the entire time. It was a great experience! I highly recommend Dr. West!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your thighs look awesome!  I'm glad the treatment worked for you.

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That is great that things are looking smoother!

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Hi Megan, I posted some pictures...what do you think?
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I think you look great!! Congrats - that is very exciting!! Have fun at the pool this weekend & please continue to keep us updated on how things are looking and feeling. :)

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You look great!
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Hey Sarah20815....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Thanx for updating us....if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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Hi Undecided28,
I posted some pictures. I hope they take you from 'undecided' to 'ready'!
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Hi Bridgit,
I am able to bike but I've taken it easy due to the heat. I got a massage yesterday and it felt wonderful.
I think my legs definitely look consistently smoother. I’m not wearing Spanx at all. I do notice a little bit of tightness now and then, but nothing painful or limiting. The massage yesterday certainly helped, so if I feel it again I might just give the treated areas a bit of a rub.
I had the same experience with swelling and bruising, they were gone a lot sooner than I expected.
Almost 1 month since the procedure and looking (and feeling!) great!
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Thanks for continuing to keep us updated, as it seems you are having a much easier recovery than most. :)

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Hi Sarah,
How is it going? Are you able to bike yet? And .... Most importantly how do your legs look???? Mine look good one day and then, not so good the next. Yesterday they looked good and today looked bumpy. It's kind of weird. I thnk it's just lots of healing is going on under the skin. The swelling and bruising have been gone since day 10. I'm still wearing Spanx all of the time and will keep doing it until I don't feel that little jiggle
with out them. I'm anxious to hear how you are doing! Great I hope!!,
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Hi Bridgit,
I posted some pictures. How are you doing?
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Hi Sarah,
I would never do anything, but swim in this weather. I feel comatose half of the time.
I am going to write a review for Dr. West. I guess that's better than lifting up my " garment" and showing my thighs to people which is what I do! Do you find that one day your legs look great and the next not so much? Are you massaging? Patti told me to get a paint roller ,but I have one of those Belle Core cellulite massagers and just started doing that very gently.
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Sarah, I worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and have seen so much of her work and it was always perfect unlike many others. I also have several friends that she has kept beautiful and really young looking for years so with that said I felt really comfortable. As I was laying on the table I just kept thinking I feel totally secure and know I have nothing to worry about!
I swam again today! Maybe you can do that. The weird loose sensation that I would have without the compression garment or spanx is gone! I think the bruises will be totally gone in a couple of days! I have been showing my friends and they see a big difference already.
I do look pretty stupid swimming in spanx though I just pretend they are long boy shorts!
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Bridie812-way to go on the swimming. I'm sure I could bike but I'm using the heat as an excuse not to. :)
Can't wait to see how I look in a few months. I already see improvement and it's only been a few weeks!
I agree Dr. West is amazing. Did you review her? I did-it was the easiest 5 star review I've ever given!
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It sounds like you are doing really well for just being at the 1 week mark. I can definitely understand wanting to hold off on biking for a while. Let us know how it goes when you decide to try it again.

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Isn't Dr. West the best? She made the whole process so smooth and comfortable.

Congrats on swimming-I think I'm still a week away from bicycling or running. No matter what I'll be glad to do it without the compression garment. I agree that's been the worst part so far.

Looking forward to hearing more!
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I also had Cellilaze with Dr West! It is so funny that I saw this post, because I just contacted her today to tell her that my bruises are almost gone! ( I had the procedure on the 21st also.) I think for. The way I already am looking I think the outcome is going to be really good. The pain is minimal now just a little tender. I did swim for 20 minutes today. I never needed pain meds I did take a muscle relaxer the first night because the compression garment was making me crazy. That garment is the worst part of the whole experience. Everything else was a piece of cake. The first day I cut the waistband off and then just cut it right down the front! Some days when I couldn't stand it anymore I would wear 2 pairs of Spanx at the same time. I also bought a Wocoal long legged smoothing garment that coincidently is supposed to help with cellulite and I think that helps. I would even put that on first and the compression garment over it so it wouldn't itch so bad.

I felt totally safe and like I was in the best hands with Dr West. Traci and Patty were assisting. Traci even made me eat a toasted bagel with creme cheese before the procedure!! Smile..

Anyhow, I am so hopeful for this to be the answer to the problem that has bugged me for my whole adult life. I did have lipo 15 years ago and that made my cellulite so much worse. I work out and take care of myself ,but always had the ugly mess on the side of my legs. It already looks so much better!!!!!
I told Dr. West today that I have a BIG SMILE of my face!

with Spanx as my bathing suit bottoms.
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Sorry about the typos. I am writing this with an IPad.
Will update and let you all know how things are progressing! This website has been invaluable to me through this process.
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Hi Birdie,
Thank you for sharing your experience with Cellulaze and Dr. West. I have researched the Cellulaze treatment for the past year and given the fact that 93% of women are satisfied with their results three years after their single treatment, I am convinced that we finally have a permanent answer for cellulite. I have just returned from observing Barry DiBernardo, MD in New Jersey. He has been seeing excellent results in his patients for the past three years. It does take patience for the results, but they will be well worth it. Enjoy wearing your shorts! Good luck and be well.
Dr. Persky
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Add: Thanks also for your comments about Dr. West. I am in Los Angeles, but occasionally receive requests for referrals in the DC area. I will be happy to refer patients to Dr. West. Best,
Dr. P
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Glad things went so well for you! I'd love it if you would post some photos. :)

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