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So, i'm getting a tummy tuck under twilight...

So, i'm getting a tummy tuck under twilight anesthesia. While i was going through the consultation I was asked if I had.considered fat.grafting to my butt. Oddly enough I hadn't even though I've always hated my butt! I didn't even really know they did.that. Well now I'm excited about doing it, but also nervous.

I love the surgeon I picked and the.staff is amazing! He got lots of good reviews! However, he's performing both the tt and lipo/bbl in his own OR under twilight anesthesia. Has anyone else done this? what questions should I be asking? What supplies should I.get for my recovery? how long before I can sit on my butt again? While i love the way J Lo's butt looks, I am not built in a way that would make that look good on me, so i'm really just.getting an enhancement... :) Not sure if that means the recovery will be easier or not. Thanks!

After a lot of thought, i decided the bbl wasn't...

After a lot of thought, i decided the bbl wasn't for me right now. I was told that I have maybe 100 cc's of fat and a bbl would require 400-600. Also, I heard the recovery is intense. You should sit at all for 3 weeks! how does someone do that when they are also recovering from a tt?!? Plus, I dont want my kids to know what I'm doing. If I'm not sitting for three weeks they might wonder what the deal is... lol. . maybe in a few years i will have a backside lift and have the 100 cc's as well as some skin flaps put into my butt. Never heard about the skin flaps until Dr. Markmann told me. So crazy what they can do!!!
I did the tt, with lipo and bbl. figured it was worth it while im under anesthesia. I am similiar to you, my body is petitte, and a J-lo butt would not have suited me, so i did the lipo, fat graft. At first i was a bit dissapointed in seeing that my butt was shrinking back to its pre op size. But i realize that i was noticing the reduced swelling and now seeing the final product, its not bigger but fuller and the lipo made me a little more curvy on the back side. I am waiting to see the final product maybe by six weeks. Recovery was the same, with the tt, u just have to lay on your side for approx 3 weeks! Then u can use a boppy/butt cushion to sit on, less pressure on the butt fat. Its intense but worth it. IMHO.
Depending on what your measurements are 100 cc would not be visible. Is it 400-600 per cheek? Dr. Markmann is pretty pricey, but does great work. He can do your TT and bbl at the same time.
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