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For the past 5yrs, I’ve contemplated getting a...

For the past 5yrs, I’ve contemplated getting a nose job coupled with a chin implant to enhance my profile. I’ve always felt like my nose was big (flat, no definition at tip) however was never too bothered by it because it didn’t affect my dating/social life in any way or shape. However, after the birth of my first child 3yrs ago, I felt like my already big nose was now bigger even after I had lost most of my pregnancy weight. At that point I decided that I to finally move forward with the rhinoplasty & chin implant.
I’ve spent the last 3yrs doing research on surgeon in North America & Surgeons overseas. Initially, I had limited my choice down to two Surgeons; Dr. Monte Harris or Dr. Michael Salzhauer. Both doctors seem to have great reviews and great results. However after further research, I soon came across reviews of different patients that weren’t so happy with their results from both surgeons. Nonetheless, I decided that I would still move forward with Dr. Monte Harris. After all, most of his patients seemed please with their results, his knowledge on African American patient was intensive, he was a high rated surgeon, and most especially his results looked so natural.
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Best of luck with your surgery. Mine is Sept 16th.
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It sounds like you have certainly done your due diligence. I hope you get the improvements you are hoping for. I'll be following your journey so please keep us posted!
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Thanks, I'll be post my before pics and results once the surgery is completed.
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Good luck tomorrow. I am also contemplating using Dr. Harris for my rhino and bleph. Looking forward to seeing more great work from him when you post your pics.
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