Very Very Very Painful and I Was Given 5mg Ofvicodin Plus 500 Mg. Tylonal - Chesterfield, MO

Too soon to tell if there is a pro. Pain was...

Too soon to tell if there is a pro. Pain was excrutiatng sp.? The areas covered were 3 layer profractional lazer around my mouth and one layer around the outside of my face. Area around my mouth and jaw line very thight and itiches.

I won't do it again would not recommend it.  It is only day three maybe I'll look better.  I am 62 and did not see my age group as a selection.  now that worries me.  I'm fit, exersize (can't spell tho) I'm healthy. I look my age but I look good for my age and had hoped to look better.  I have photos but able to download yet

Sorry to hear the ProFractional was so uncomfortable. I'm glad you were able to complete the treatment despite that. How is your skin looking now? Is it pretty red?

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