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About to Start Accutane - Chesapeake, VA

At age 44 after battling acne for close to 35 yrs...

At age 44 after battling acne for close to 35 yrs and trying every rx, home ready, witch dr any snake oil that I could find I am FINALLY giving in and starting Accutane. After the lengthy prep process to begin I will be picking up my rx from the pharmacy tomorrow. While I know there are many risks I hope/believe that the side effects will be worth the results. A good friend of mine did used the rx almost 20 yrs ago and never had one relapse. I will keep you all posted to my progress!


I am so interested to hear how this goes for you!! I'm 34 and did Accutane years ago in my early 20's but had to stop before I was finished with my second round due to side effects. I have been considering trying it again, but haven't been sure I want to do it again, or how it would work for someone in our age range - so please keep us posted!!

As I'm sure you know, stock up on lip balm and moisturizer. I found that bag balm worked great for my lips because it is so moisturizing.

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My current dermatologist.

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