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Just started my 2nd set of trays, 10 buttons. Pain...

Just started my 2nd set of trays, 10 buttons. Pain is not bad at all and buttons are fine.

They are a little hard to get out, but they come out after 2x No bad at all, Looking forward in seeing results! I have a total of 17 trays.

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Dr. Robert Stern, He is wonderful!
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O thats great! Good Luck w/ your aligners!!!
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Who in Cherry Hill is doing your invisalign...if u dont mind me asking...I wear invisalign I love it. I go to Dr.Carlyn Phucas in Marlton and she give me my 3d computer image to view at home. Its awesome.
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Hi Oli,

Thanks for posting! Are you taking pictures to track your progress (sometimes it can be hard to detect the difference otherwise)?

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good idea, i will start soon!
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