5 Days Post Op, Very Worried About the Size - Cherry Hill, NJ

Just got a lift and implants 4 days ago: 35 years...

Just got a lift and implants 4 days ago: 35 years old, 225cc, gel, HP. I'm 5'3, 122 pounds, and a B/C cup before surgery. Basically just wanted to stay close to my size, but have better shape and lift. They look so huge. I know there is swelling, but how much? I feel like this is the dumbest thing I ever did. I'm too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it because I already feel like an idiot for putting myself in this situation. I waited years for this and now I'm depressed and wondering if I should just get them taken out asap.They make me look fat. Any words of advice. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Jojo, Ohh i'm sorry!! The swelling will go down it takes about 4 weeks and then some. I know how you feel, I felt really stupid walking around with Breasts up to my neck bones. But they do slowly go down. Time, time, time. Oh give it time your rushing it and thats not giving your body time to heal. Don't do anything rash.. You will regret that too. Let your body heal you will feel much better in 10 days. And then in 30 days it's amazing. I was there I know. I'm just know 7 weeks, they are starting to fluff and become soft like normal. It does happen, it's called time. We are all here for you, if you need us... ; ) hang in there.

I'm sorry you're nervous about your size! The swelling will go down some. I'd encourage you to try to be patient because when they drop and the swelling subsides you will look different. I know that's easier said than done. Please keep us posted.

Here's what some doctors say about swelling after breast augmentation.

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My PS did a GREAT, none of this stuff is her fault.

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