Chemical Peel Will Solve All my Skin-aging Problems

I had a chemical peel done on Tuesday at my...

I had a chemical peel done on Tuesday at my dermatologist’s office. I went to him years ago for acne treatment and came back for peel advice after researching it on the Internet. I’ve met a lot of happy peelers so I gave it a try.

Most of my peel used Jessner’s solution with TCA on areas with fine lines. I’m fighting the overall aging of my face - the pores, the rough texture, age spots, etc.

In anticipation, I took pain medication. Do this! The peeling burned and stung like it should but the pain could have been a lot worse. I have kept on the pills until I get the healing done with.

You want to know how I look now? Detestable! I look like some horror film monster with my entire face pink, puffy and bloated. But I knew this coming in, and I set aside time to recover and come out of this.

To help the process along I am moisturizing every 4-6 hours and staying at home, out of the sun, not overextending myself. It feels like sunburn and I’m lethargic in the same way that I would be if I had bad sunburn and didn’t want to move.

Every day I see myself getting better and my condition improving. I can’t wait to see myself this time next week when I will hopefully look normal again! Based on these results so far I would say it’s definitely worth it; I had so many aging issues with my face and I didn’t want to do a laser here, an injection there - all of that costs. I feel confident that with the chemical peel I will improve all of my problem areas at once. How much better can you get?
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I just had the procedure done Tues. It's peeling as it should, but the skin underneath is terribly blotchy, red spots that look like broken blood vessels, swollen, tender, really monstrous looking. My doctor (I had it done by a plastic surgeon) said I could go back to work by Monday with no problem. Absolutely impossible. There's no way this will look anywhere normal by then. He told me I can't put anything on it - no moisturizer of any kind. So I'm guessing no make-up which means I can't leave the house. I look like Frankenstein! Your thoughts?
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