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I have always had a high tolerance for pain, but...

I have always had a high tolerance for pain, but the TCA peel I had done almost made me jump out of the chair.  I just had it done 3 days ago, and I am not sure what the results will be. 

I was able to tolerate 4 applications (the max), but when they tried to put the sunscreen on me, my face was on fire.  I can't go anywhere, because I look like a freak.  My face turned black almost immediately after the procedure and hasn't started peeling yet. 

I wish I would have been better informed.

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Please get all the info from your doctor. A normal TCA peel you are down for at least a week if not 10 days. What % was the TCA???
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I had mine done 1 day ago and my face look burnt. I was scared to go to work so I called off hoping the chemical will soon peel. I have darker patches in different areas of my face. I keep looking in the mirror as if thats going to help it peel faster. I can't be stuck in the house any longer.
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it is suppose to go black/brown then he skin underneath when it peels should be pink but not raw like mine is now.mine frosted then went pink.
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I had the "peel" done on Thursday and it is Saturday evening--- My face is peeling like a really bad sunburn and in some places the skin is raw. I really hope this is normal and that I will not have Hyperpigmentation.
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my skin is the same and its been a week it red and raw looks likeits scarring i read that emu oil and cp serum work in healing it
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