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I regularly use the lactic acid (40%) and glycolic...

I regularly use the lactic acid (40%) and glycolic acid peels (30%) from Puredeming. I've found the lactic acid peels to be particularly effective at lightening brown spots. I've never been burned or left it on too long (5 minutes is my maximum) and I'd never pay some Med Spa big bucks to do something I can do cheaply and safely at home.

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Yes, I know, but only people with bad experiences seem to post on this site and you have a lot of doctors telling people not to use the home kits, basically because it competes with their exorbitantly priced procedures. AND there are a LOT of peels done in professional offices that STILL burn people's faces. There's also a lot of good reviews on Amazon for home peels. Over 200 people managed to use this 35% peel without damaging their face and most peels have excellent ratings (4 or 5 stars).
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I hear what you are saying, but I also do think the doctors have good intentions, as they probably see a lot of patients who had bad outcomes from the home peels and want to prevent others from going through that.

Chemical Peels have a 61% Worth It rating, so more people are writing favorable reviews on them than unfavorable ones, other communities show varying Worth It ratings, which shows people are sharing both their good & bad experiences.

I'm glad you were among those able to share a good experience for chemical peels. :)

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Glad you had good results. Unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as can be read in some other reviews:

“Broke out in Cysts from 30% At-home Chemical Peel - Boston, MA”

“Home Chemical Peel Burned Me... but No Results!”

Please be very careful if you decide to continue to do your peels at home.

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