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I had a series of 3 vitalize peels over the course...

I had a series of 3 vitalize peels over the course of 3 months and my skin has drastically improved. Before I did the peels I had puffiness and lines under my eyes, and uneven skin tone. Now tone is great and the puffiness doesn't show unless I don't get enough rest and even then it isn't near as bad as it was. Sometime after I had the vitalize peel I tried an at home 50% gylcolic acid peel and have been pleased with those results as well. Down time was minimal. With the vitalize I had some redness and peeling of the skin almost like I had been sunburned. With the glycolic I didn't have any peeling just some redness and after a week the tone improved. Chemical peels are an affordable noninvasive thing to do but they do require maintenance. For instance I do the 50% glycolic peel every 2 weeks. The stuff you use at home isn't as strong but it does yield good results.

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Staff was great and the procedure was fast!

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It was 300 for three of them and I got them over three months so I guess that would be total paid.
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Was that $300 per session or total paid? I think per session which is very reasonable.
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