Chemical Peel Works Great on Sun Burns

I have had an excellent experience with Chemical...

I have had an excellent experience with Chemical Peel. I had quite a sun burn and my skin was not only burnt and dry, but i also had those sun-induced pre-mature wrinkles that came way too before time! I was looking older but i was also not looking fresh. There was a lot of texture damage. Hence chemical peel happened! I thought the procedure was too fast and easy. The doctor cleaned my face,applied the solution and then cleaned my face again. My skin peeled a few days later at home. It looked crazy when it was peeling but once the whole face had peeled, there was a new fresh and sun-burn free skin that saw the light of the day. Chemical peel ( TCA for me ) is one good treatment , specially for sun damage.
Did you know that your skin is reacting, chemically, with the chemical peel as it is to the sunburn? It is true! Yes, TCA is great for sun damage and for superficial lines as well. Pumpkin is also great for sun damaged skin. It will really brighten up all skins, even up to the darkest and ok for Asian skin.
then why get a chemical peel if skin reacts same to the sunburn?
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