Cheek and Necklift/ Facelift WOW!

I couldn't have expected to look as youthful and...

I couldn't have expected to look as youthful and rested as I do after my surgery with Dr.R. Upon returning to the workplace (withing 10days) no one even knew what I had done. So many people commented on my hair looking different and asked about my vacation because of my non-surgery appearance. I would do it again in a heart beat the recovery was a breeze!!

My Dr. and his staff are wonderful, ladies should not hesitate going to meet with him, his work head to toe is specialized and outstanding after. I LOVE MY PHOTOS!!!

Hi sfrishe, We have a few reviews for lower facelift. Click the link to read more.
I what you had performed called a "lower Facelift"? I have recently heard this term. Has anyone out there had this procedure done?
What all did you have done?
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is a wonderful (GENUINE) person with talent like Mozart or Michelangelo in his field of cosmetic surgery.

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