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Choose Your Doctor Wisely - Chattanooga, TN

Have been experiencing a rapid turn over time with...

Have been experiencing a rapid turn over time with both Radiesse and Sculptra. Been getting filler injections in my gaunt (heredity) temples and cheeks for over 9 yrs and lasts rarely more than a few months.
My doctor is baffled; don't have enough fat to transfer. May be active lifestyle/metabolism. Still looking for a more lasting affect. I am not underweight either. Radiesse gives immediate gratification but have problem with shadowing/see-thru affect and contour irregularities in some places.
Never let it be injected into top layers of thin skin areas- I have experienced scarring.

Overall, a skilled MD can do wonders with this product.

Yours is the second review I have read recently that discussed Radiesse not lasting as long as was expected. That really is a bummer considering the cost of it. Do you think you will just continue getting it done regardless?


Long lasting/permanent Artefill has many negative reviews and few MDs recommend it; until something comes along that is compatible with my body chemistry I don't see having much option but to keep up the treatments for the desired results. Has anyone out there tried the stem cell (vampire) injections?


Yeah, we have a community going for the Vampire Facelift. It currently only has 5 reviews and a 60% Worth It Rating, so it seems those who are talking about it are pretty split on if its worth it or not.

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