Excited, but Nervous! - Chattanooga, TN

My surgery was scheduled for August 14, but...

My surgery was scheduled for August 14, but changed that to a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy went very well, now I am preparing for October. Went last week for my annual mammogram, and they are saying there is "calcification" so I go Friday for an ultrasound. Hope it is nothing major and that I can continue this journey in October. Have wanted to do this for many years, but could not afford it, now it is time do something for me. My Husband is very excited also. Still a little confused about the size, but will work that out.

Fibroid tumors, causing really heavy periods. My blood has been low for the last few years and the first three days of my period were horrible. Couldn't function, feeling so much better now. Had my ultra sound and magnification mammogram today, I go Tuesday for a biopsy. We will see how it goes. The "spots" are on a linear pattern, they think it may be something about the ducts, not sure what it all means...

Oh my, if you don't mind my asking, why'd you have to go in for a hysterectomy? Your attitude sounds amazing and fingers crossed that your calcification (very common, by the way) is nothing. Please keep us posted!

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