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Like Having a Browlift Without the Surgery-Chatham, New Jersey

The pros are the results. Cons are that Botox is...

The pros are the results. Cons are that Botox is not permanent and if you get a great result, which I did, then you want it to be permanent. The only other con is if you are squeamish about needles which I am, but I closed my eyes and the procedure was less than a few minutes - phew. I got an amazing brow lift effect within about 3 to 4 days.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD

He knew exactly how to create the result I was looking for and didn't "sell" me on anything else as a dermatologist in Manhattan did. I have frown lines, lines in between my brows and brows that are starting to droop (sigh). I went to him because he was recommended - he is a facial plastic surgeon and understands not just skin, but the underlying anatomy of the face/muscles better than my old dermatologist. I will go back.

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Hi! About 10 days ago. I wish I had photos of me before. I can try to take some of me now but it wouldn't really show the change or does that matter? I don't want to get addicted to Botox but I think I am hooked!
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A now photo, at least for your avatar would be great! LOL, I have heard others say that about getting hooked, it's alright I'm addicted to shoe shopping and coffee, we've all got something. ;) On your next visit would you be able to, or mind doing a little video diary? It would really great for other community members. Please keep me updated.

Thanks so much,


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Hi Morristowngal,

Great to hear you had such a good experience. How long ago did you have it? Do you have pictures, we would love to see your amazing "brow lift" ;) Please keep me updated and thanks for joining the Botox community.


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