Treatment to Firm Up Baggy Skin

I had the treatment to firm up baggy skin and make...

I had the treatment to firm up baggy skin and make my skin look fresh again. I was told I would be uncomfortable for only the first day and the second day I would feel and look like I just had a wind burn.

My face is swollen, bumpy and very red and I don't dare go out in public - it's been over 4 1/2 days since the treatment. Everything I try on it burns so I'm not putting anything on it for now. What can I do to help make it heal quicker?

I had the Profrational laser treatment 4 1/2 days ago and my face is still burning, very red and bumpy and I cannnot stand to put anything on it as everything seems to give me a burning sensation. When will this heal so I can go out in public?
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The doctor assured me I wouldn't have more than a couple days of downtime!!!!

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I had the base fractional done about 18 mnts ago, but only one treatment at $250. Now scheduled for profractional in 3 weeks at $600. Nervous, will it be worth it?
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I would like to know how the treatment turned out for you. I have just signed up for the same treatment in Eden Prairie and I am a liitle nevous. I have wrinkles around my eyes and the people told me to expect the same downtime and redness as they told you. Let me know how things are. Thanks
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