140 Pound Weight Loss = Extended Abdominoplasty... AWESOME!

Lost 140 pounds and was left with a bunch of extra...

Lost 140 pounds and was left with a bunch of extra skin on my torso. Had a TT with no muscle repair (no kids).

Two weeks on and I am feeling great. Still not 100% upright, but getting there. Belly is flat and smooth. The incision is still a little ugly, but I can be patient and wait for 3 months to see what the final result is going to look like. So ecstatic over having a belly button now that the scar is almost an afterthought!

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I know this is old but I did a search on tummy tuck and roller derby. I've played for Memphis since 2006 and during that time I've had two children, the youngest being 8 months old. I have DR (and I understand you didn't) and I'm going in for a TT soon. Did it affect your game play afterwards? Are you still skating? Your pics are great and congratulations on your weight loss. I've lost 60 pounds since I had my son in November and I can't wait to get my belly fixed.
You look great
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Awesome results. Can you share the name of your DR? I am also in Charlotte looking to get a TT in 2011.
Dr. Felmont Eaves - Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Caring, wonderful, excellent staff, lots of experience with massive weight loss patients. Did a great job.

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