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Hi, I'm 45 years old and have recently lost 40lbs...

Hi, I'm 45 years old and have recently lost 40lbs and hoping to lose about 20 more, but not trying to stress out about it before the surgery. I'm SO nervous about the recovery, but my girlfriend who has gone through the surgery is coming to take care of me. I'm so grateful. The only thing that makes me nervous is she is a great cook and my family may trade me in! Went to same office that performed my breast reduction 9 years ago. Thought I was going to be able to have a procedure that was less invasive, but you know how that goes if you want the flat stomach!!! My husband got a Harley for our anniversary, so I'm getting a tummy tuck... sounds good to me! Any items you found handy to have would sure be appreciated. Thanks for input!


Hi KLH2c - I'm in Charlotte as well and I'm getting my TT on 12/20/12!! I'm so excited. I go for my Pre-Op tomorrow to get all of my questions answered. I'm 43 and have wanted to have a TT for years. Now that my baby girl (19 - will turn 20 on 12/19) is grown up; it's time for me to do something for me!! I have anxiety over the scar, waking up, the recovery; but from my reading that is normal!! We can be recovery buddies.
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Hi, sounds great. I wish you much success for your surgery. I would love to keep in touch... It is two weeks from tomorrow, and I'm so nervous. The recovery sounds painful... I'm a whimp when it comes to pain. Who are you going to?

Well less than two weeks and surgery is paid. I...

Well less than two weeks and surgery is paid. I can't believe how nervous I am when I really start thinking about the recovery. Just focus on the end result right? Hope you all are doing well.

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I am having Similiar feelings as all before...

I am having Similiar feelings as all before surgery. I'm soooo nervous and I have been sick so that is not helping with the preparation...a little overwhelmed I guess. Started vitamins this week and went shopping for supplies found here. I have also rented a lift chair so I hope that will be helpful. I just want to feel better and get my ducks in a row. Good luck to all. Need to take pre-op pics...any suggestions on clothes post op. bigger than normal size clothes?


Thinking about you this morning:)

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Same surgical office that performed my breast reduction.

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