SmartLipo of the Upper Inner and Outer Thighs AND NOW A THIGH LIFT- Huntersville, NC

I am scheduled for smart lipo of my thighs on...

I am scheduled for smart lipo of my thighs on Monday morning! Excited but also scared. I have lost 140 #s with diet and exercise and am on a journey of correcting the damage I have caused to my body due to the excess skin left behind. Its such a mental "thing" now that the weight is gone and the skin is left. I often wonder why did I ever do this to my body! With that said, I cant take it back, so Im wanting to feel good about myself again. And in order to do this, I need to look in the mirror and be happy with the efforts Ive made to lose all this weight. I workout 5 days a week, eat healthy and take care of ME NOW, so I hope and pray this is the answer I am looking for. I will be having SmartLipo, then 3 mths later I will have excess skin removed.
My doctor is awesome, as he has just performed a TT and I couldnt be happier with the results. Is now 6 mths since the TT and I feel awesome!
So, here we go, I'll post pics, etc as I can......

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Ok, I had my smartLipo on my legs yesterday, the...

Ok, I had my smartLipo on my legs yesterday, the doctor ended up taking 19#s of fat from my thighs! Remember, Ive lost 140#s! SO I am absolutely thrilled! I am very sore today but drinking tons of water, getting up to walk every couple of hours and also keeping the feet elevated about my heart for swelling. I do have a lot of swelling but this is very normal since I didnt have drains for my upper thighs. This is just day 2 again, im very sore, not too much bruising and the nurses couldnt believe I walked in for my appt and looked so great since having the surgery 1 day ago. Now with this much fat removed, I will have to have the skin removed. This was the plan from the beginning due to I already had hanging skin on my thighs, the doctor suggested I remove more fat and then get all I the loose skin I can to be removed in a couple moths. I think 19#s is awesome!!!!!!

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Went to the doctor late yesterday and they got me...

Went to the doctor late yesterday and they got me out of the compression garment. I guess from all that pulling, I am very sore today and am finding its harder to move in the morning from being still all night. My legs look amazing, hardly no bruising at all, just o soreness. But continuing to walk and drink lots of water. I am going to make myself shower today, Im very capable, just know that getting the compression garment on will be a huge workout~! :)


Slept well last night, notice the bruising is really significant now. Pain seems about the same, actually pain pills are now 8 hrs away, and dont seem to make much difference, which is good. Really tired of sitting at home, but with 100+ weather outside I know I wont be able to handle it. All my friends are going to lakes and the beach, I feel sad that I cant go, but I do know in the end it will all be worth it. I think this surgery would have been easier in the winter, but then again, Id be fussing I couldnt go ski! lol
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Day 6, today I feel like I am finally over the "pain" hump, but I could be wrong lol. So far this morning I feel great. Actually got up and cooked bfast for me and my son. I think its time that I can start getting back to some everyday chores, just at a slower pace and plan on having plenty of down time in between washing cloths, etc. Not planning on going out today due to the 100+ degree temps. With this garment on and the thick foam, I possibly would pass out due to heat and dont want to cause a rash or anymore stress on my body than I've already put it thru.
Im still walking slowly, as I still find it uncomfortable when I first get up in the morning. It feels like I have done major lower body workouts. I will unzip the garment a few times a day and massage my thighs under the foam and let my legs relax, I think this helps.... ALso, pushing the pain pills to 7 hours today, I dont have many left so I know these will need to be pushed out so that Im not going "Cold turkey".
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Day 5, yes Im counting days, lol, I got up felt groggy, but slept well. Very sore and very swollen still, again, as expected. Im up and cleaning a closet this morning and after an hour, I had to sit down and relax a bit, so I thought I'd catch up on emails. Im at the point that I feel good for a while and then realize I dont need to overdo it. I wished I could snap my fingers and be all healed. To see the swelling, makes me unhappy because I want to see the results now, but I knew going into this, it would be a long process. Guessing I will need to wear some sundresses for the next few weeks when I go out.....
It all takes time to see the difference, cant wait to see it!
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Today marks 1 week after aggressive lipo on my...

Today marks 1 week after aggressive lipo on my thighs. I feel like I have made it past the pain and now I can heal. Felt absolutely wonderful today. Actually got out for a few hour and shopped and went out to eat. I was gone about 4 hours, kept garment on but took off the foam. I am tired, but had a wonderful time being out and the walking did me really good! Im now on the couch, foam in my garment, legs up and relaxing. GREAT DAY! I can already tell a difference, even with the swelling, in the size of the thighs and cannot wait until Im fully recovered and sportin some great jeans!


Congrats girl you're over the hump. Each day will be better & better from this point on. I can't wait to see your pics! You're gonna look fab!
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Thank you so much BEAUTYCHICK! I have some pics that I will try to get up soon. I really wanted to post them all once the swelling went down and bruising goes away as not to scare anyone lol
Plus just think you'll be healed in time to still enjoy your results before the weather turns cold & you're having to wear heavier clothes. I'm sure your friends would trade places with u in a second anyway!

Going back to the doctor today for a recheck on my...

Going back to the doctor today for a recheck on my thighs from the SmartLipo procedure. I have felt much better this week. I up and walking and shopping etc. I did find out yesterday, that you just cant do so much all day long or you end up with swollen legs! So Im finding the balance of rest and doing other things a few hours a day. I am guessing today my doctor will start endromologie (sp) on my thighs and that will help with the swelling and help me recover.
I also have been chosen to appear in a local magazine, today they will take pictures of me at my doctors office and did a phone interview telling my story yesterday. Im very honored and excited to say the least.

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Went for a check up and the doctor is very...

Went for a check up and the doctor is very impressed that Im walking so well and the bruising is starting to turn yellow now which means its going away. He did give me a bottle of pills that is an anti-inflammatory to take. I had a bottle and ran out and he gave me more. Already can tell a difference in the shape of my hips, the saddlebags are not sticking out on the sides. When I sit, my thighs dont touch. The doctor said if I was already seeing the change that I am going to be very pleased with the end result. Said to not buy pants for 3 mths, that it would take that long to see the ending result and for my thighs to be at the size they are going to be. SOOO EXCITED!

Also had the magazine pictures taken today, oh my gosh, I got up and got dressed up, did my hair and makeup really pretty. Im a redhead so I wore a teal blue maxi dress with wedge heels and everyone in the office and magazine staff kept telling me how beautiful I looked. I cannot wait to see my story and photo in this magazine. I hope my story inspires someone in some way. I totally could have a job where I get up and dress up and look pretty while someone snaps photos and I get a paycheck lol. but all kidding aside, I feel blessed to have been chosen by my PS to ask me to share my story and my journey. Cannot wait till the magazine comes out!


I'm so glad everything went well with the photoshoot! Your outfit sounded really cute. I hope u post pics once the magazine comes out. I can't wait to see it. Your transformation is very inspiriational! You deserve good results after all your hardwork & Im glad you are seeing the benefits:)
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Beautychick, Awww, thank you, that is so sweet of you to say. I do finally feel like my life is finally coming together for what Ive worked so hard for. I will certainly be posting photos when the magazine is released. I hope they picked a good picture! hahahaha

Adding some photos today, swelling is still ALOT,...

Adding some photos today, swelling is still ALOT, but can already see a huge difference and cant wait to see the end result. Feeling better and better and about back to myself 12 days after surgery. Thinking today is the day I do the elliptical for a bit or walk for awhile......

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No matter how hard I work out, you just cannot get...

No matter how hard I work out, you just cannot get rid of skin. Some of these pics are horrible, but I feel like I need to post them to see the dramatic results of SmartLipo and an awesome PS. 19#s gone from my thighs forever:)

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Today I actually ventured out and put on my size...

Today I actually ventured out and put on my size 12 blue jeans. After my TT my 12's were huge at the waist but had to have them for my thighs. So I thought I'd try them even though I was swelling and knew in the back of my mind that I couldnt wear them due to the swelling in my legs. Guess what??? THEY FALL OFF OF ME! Even with the swelling in the legs, they are a size too big! I am going to be so happy to go buy size 10 jeans! WOOOHOOO!!!!


Oh I am just so excited for you! You look so awesome!!! So fun that you're buying new jeans! Very Very Cool!!!
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Thank you! I am smaller now due to swelling going down. Actually had a friend that brought over about 20 bathing suits and did a little fashion show and got 4 new suits!
cacm, thank you for sharing your story and I hope you are still doing well. Congratulations on your success! I am losing weight and thinking about smartlipo in the future. This is a great site.
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I am now 22 out from Lipo, feeling wonderful...

I am now 22 out from Lipo, feeling wonderful wonderful! Started endromologie today with the doctors office, love love love this! I feel great. I have been walking alot for exercise and up and down 2 flights of stairs many times each day to keep myself moving. The results are so amazing and I still have several weeks left until all the swelling will be gone. I dont have to have foam anymore under my compression garmet which is great, but was told the more I wear the compression pants, the better results I will have, so I will plan to wear this thing all day everyday for a few weeks! lol My spa assistant told me to not buy new pants until I at least hit the 8 week mark from my surgery. That in that time from I would still drop several inches in this time especially since starting endromologie. Super excited! I will try to do a couple pictures just so I can keep up with the weeks difference I am seeing and feeling in my current cloths.


Way to go, that Smart Lipo really worked great for you and your tummy looks great, super flat!
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Thank you! I feel awesome! They are telling me no cloths buying for 8 weeks, problem is, everything i have now looks horrible, its 2 sizes too big! lol Great problem to have:)
Wow, 2 months is a long time.. well you can always do leggings and cotton blouses things like that that can stretch with you. Doesn't help in the office but will help with casual days!

I have been doing endromologie sessions at the...

I have been doing endromologie sessions at the doctors office and wow, it feels so good. It gets the swelling, fluid and toxins out of your body. Its just amazing! Love it! My surgeon pulled up my B4 pics and showed me the full body pic and looks at me and asks "who is that person Cyndi", I almost busted out crying. I cannot believe the difference this man has made in my life. The TT was absolutely amazing, 9 #s of skin forever gone. (I promise to put my b4 pics up very soon) but to add the SmartLipo to my legs that looked HORRIBLE, I am just speechless as to what I looked like before. I hid behind cloths and spanx. Well NOT ANYMORE! I have become a shopping diva, just excited about cute cloths! I couldn't help it but I bought a little skirt, size 10, its so cute and showing my legs feel UNREAL! Just excited about what life brings me now. Im dating every weekend and loving it! I feel like a new woman with so much confidence. (I do promise to not buy anymore pants until my 8 week mark, lol, maybe I'll be an size 8)


Wow Cacm, I just read your journey and it was incredible and very inspiring for me. As you know I am seriously thinking about having a TT in the beginning of the year. Right now I 'm doing all of my reach now and stories like yours and others are really helping me with my decision. You look absolutly GREAT! Thank you for the encouragment. Continue keeping me posted.
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Excuse me, I misspelled research.
I am so excited for you! If its what you want DO IT. You will be the happiest ever. You will find the right doctor thru this site and word of mouth and you will just know it when you visit with the right doctor. Ive had to have the TT and the SmartLipo and I will be doing breast at the end of the year. So glad this site and some of us can help you! Im 7 mths out from my TT now, so if I can help you in anyway, please let me know!

Today I am 1 month out from my SmartLipo. So...

Today I am 1 month out from my SmartLipo. So thrilled with my results. The swelling has come down incredibly. Due to the large amount of weight I lost, I had loose skin. My PS and I decided to go very aggressive with the Lipo, knowing that I'd have to come back for part 2 of this and have the excess skin removed. The Smart Lipo tightened up the skin considerably. Now that the swelling is really going away, I can see that the inner thigh skin will need to be removed. As this has been the plan all along, I now will look at dates for Sept/Oct/Nov to do this. My PS suggested 3 mths before removal to get the best result. So today, Im looking at the calendar deciding when would be a good time. Who know, maybe I'll go ahead and do my breasts at the same time:)

My weight loss journey article has hit the stands! You can search it on facebook-Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine | August 2012
I'm on page 34. So excited! Or I can email it to you if you are interested in seeing it. I wished I could post the story on this site, but it wont let me. Send me a private message with your email address if you'd like to see/read it.

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I have scheduled the skin to be removed from my...

I have scheduled the skin to be removed from my legs Nov 19th, excited, I see all the muscle in my legs now that the lipo has been done for 3+ months......

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I am now 2 weeks after surgery. I decided to just...

I am now 2 weeks after surgery. I decided to just do the thigh lift at this time due to not having use of arms and legs at the same time I thought would be too much. I am THRILLED thus far with my thigh lift! Back in the summer 19#s was removed with lipo from my legs and now the hanging skin was removed, which was 4#s! I am truly excited to heal and see the final results. At 2 weeks, I am still swelling as expected. I have graduated from wraps on my legs to a compression garment. It will help with the swelling and the doctor did some touchup lipo while he removed the skin. Gotta love my fabulous doctor! He is a perfectionist!
This wasnt a bad surgery at all, the most irritating thing is its hard to use the restroom due to the incisions in the groin area. But back when I had my TT I was told to purchase an oil funnel. It served me well after my TT and it surely has been a lifesaver for me and this thigh lift!
My legs are so thin! Thinner than Ive ever remembered. All those cycling classes paid off, I can finally see the beautiful muscles that Ive worked so hard for! Now, super excited for my breast augmentation, just need to recover fully from this. Maybe spring!!!

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Just posted new pics. I am 4 weeks out of the skin...

Just posted new pics. I am 4 weeks out of the skin being removed after the 19#s removed from aggressive lipo. I am in shock at how small my legs are. My pants are so baggy. I will begin endermologie next week and I cant wait! Its such a great deep massage that will help with swelling but it also just feels great to have that deep tissue massaged since it has just been put thru major shock. My wonderful doctor removed the tape from the incision and it looks awesome. So thin, so I cant wait to see the final result when it all heals. Since Hybrisil has been taken off the market for a year, I am using BioCorneum. Its like a silicone layer. It says to use a tiny amount and they are not kidding! Just a itty bitty bit is needed or it wont dry and you'll be sticky. But as long as it makes the scar awesome, that is all that matters.
I was released to go back to the gym. Can only do walking on an incline or elliptical with no resistance but I plan on being at the gym the day after xmas. 4 weeks and no gym, I do miss it! I will take care to only do what Im suppose to do as I dont dare want to make the scar to get wide by overdoing! Im completely thrilled with my results and my wonderful Dr. Kortesis. He is truly and talented surgeon and angel sent from God above.


Wow, your before/after pics are amazing, definitely worth it!

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Thank you!!!

Im now 6 weeks out from having the skin removed...

Im now 6 weeks out from having the skin removed from my legs. They look amazing, the scar is so thin. All the stitches are finally gone, had to pull out a few:) Exercising everyday at the gym and doing well. Started endermologie this week, which feels amazing. I go back in 2 weeks for another endermologie session and we will then start laser treatments on the scar which will make it turn white and basically disappear. Im so glad to be on this journey with my wonderful doctor and his staff.

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Last week I started the laser treatments to the...

Last week I started the laser treatments to the scar on my leg. Just a few days from the first treatment and it already looks better! I will go back this week for endermologie to keep my scar area from getting "hard" and developing scar tissue. I must say my legs look so amazing. I go back and look at the past pictures and I just wonder why I waited so long to do this! I was so unhappy and had no self confidence due to the skin and fat. Im slowly finding myself more and more each day. Could not be doing this without the amazing Dr Kortesis!

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Legs are awesome and as you can see the scar is barely noticable! And the little scar is much better than all that loose ugly skin!


You look fantastic!
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Thank you so much!
WOW and double Wow you look Amazing, I am getting my thigh lift in a couple of weeks, you are my inspiration...God bless.
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One week too late...hate I miss your event...I so need this procedure!
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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kortesis was referred to me from a friend that had lost alot of weight and she was thrilled with this office. I visited and was completely impressed with the love and care that he and his staff provide. THe BEST doctor around, I travel to see this doctor and as far as Im concerned, he is not replaceable. The absolute BEST!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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