Risers Make Clear Correct Not So Invisible - Charlotte, NC

I have had Clear Correct for 3 months now. I...

I have had Clear Correct for 3 months now. I completed Phase 1 last week and went back to my denist to pick up phase 2. When the dentist showed me Phase 2 I noticed square bubbles sticking out across the front of the aligners (both the bottom and top). I asked the dentist about them and he said they were called "risers" and are used to help turn your teeth (athough he said they don't do much of anything). I put them on and now it looks like I have brackets across my front teeth! The reason I paid for clear correct is because I wanted invisible braces! My teeth are not that bad and don't need to be turned that much either! I have friends (whose teeth were much worse than mine) that have had invisalign and never had to have these "risers". I called my dentist when I got home and asked if they could call Clear Correct and get my Phase 2 re-done without the risers, and they told me they could not. They told me they can make sure I don't have them for phase 3 though (I'm stuck with the risers for the next 3 months)....
Also, I see almost no change in my teeth after 3 months! Maybe I'm just impatient, but I feel like I should see some improvemet something by now!
If I could go back I would pay a little more for Invisalign.


amcinnc.... How are you doing with your Clear Correct? I'm curious because I'm waiting for my Phase Zero tray and want to know if you have seen the progression in your teeth movement?
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I have seen progression in my teeth movement. They are much straighter now, but it has been 13 months and they still aren't where they should be. I'm on my 2nd set of revision trays. It's better than having metal braces for the looks, but takes alot longer!
I just got out my very first retainers! Big difference in my teeth. You don't notice it very much at first but they definitely change big time. I felt like mine were not changing at first also.
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