Restylane for the Lips is Great, Gave Me Very Full Lips - Charlotte, NC

My biggest concern was the pain of the procedure....

My biggest concern was the pain of the procedure. After reading most of the reviews it seemed like it would be very painful. I was given a dental block which did not hurt at all because the needle was very tiny. Then after the block set in my doctor used 2 syringes. I was only planning on him using 1 but he needed 2 since I have small lips.

He also put some Restylane in the large crease on my chin which helps bring the lower lip to its fullest.

I have had no bruising and a small amount of tenderness. It is only the day after and I am still swollen but cannot wait to see the full results in a week or so. I should have paid $1,000 for the 2 syringes but I got a deal.

The only con is the cost. I did not expect the dr. to use 2 syringes. Next time I have it done I will have to pay the full price and I would almost rather have this done permanently if I have to pay $1000 every 6 months.

Lips, now hear is a little free advice: ( I am a plastic surgeon) Lips are really hard to get right and more is not better. Just like breasts: the idea is to "complement" not disfigure your anatomy. If you have always had "thin lips" then getting superplumped is not going to look attractive for your face. More, like the breast implants again, is not necessarily better. In fact, because the lips are so delicate and the curves so defining over plumping can make the lips look unshaped or like sausages. Would you use a blush brush to put on mascara? There are some new techniques using special European needles that are almost painless and do not require a dental block. Also, New fillers like Belotero can create some beautiful highlights without the unnatural look or unnatural feeling. Lips are not a place to save money, its your face and you want it to look great.
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The first time I used this product I loved it. I bruise badly and it took weeks to go away, but the second time same amount, same dr. lumpy lips on top after a few weeks, and needle track marks, that look worse, am so upset, and feel disfigured. Hoping it will go away, never this stuff for me again.
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He has a lot of experience with lips.

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