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Just Had Radiesse 4 Days Ago for the First Time - Charlotte, NC

Just had my first filler 4 days ago. I am 47 and...

Just had my first filler 4 days ago. I am 47 and started to get the hollow eye, dark circle look around my eyes. My Derm recommended Radiesse. Immediately I noticed a difference. But i have a pretty bad bruise under my left eye. My Derm said that I had a little bleeding when the Radiesse was injected under the left eye. The next day the bruise appered and looks pretty bad still after 4 days. But on my right eye I can see the hollowness has disappeared. I have to admit the injections were quite painful. My Derm used a numbing injection first before the filler. The numbing injections were very painful but didn't last for long. Now when I press on my cheeks I feel bruised. But I think once the bruise is gone I will be really pleased. My Derm's office was having a special on Radiesse for the month of Dec so I got in before the price goes up again. If it last like they say it will be worth the money.

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Sorry to hear you bruised. :-/ That is always a bummer. Hopefully it continues to fade quickly and you can enjoy the new look soon!!

Does the under eye area feel any different? From what I understand Radiesse is a pretty firm filler so I'm wondering what it feels like in that area.

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No the under eye doesn't feel any different but looks a lot better. It has been 9 days now since the injection and my bruise is almost gone. I can tell a big difference in the under eye appearance.
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