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Recently had gastric bypass in 2011 and now a yr...

Recently had gastric bypass in 2011 and now a yr post opt I'm ready to get rid of excess fat in abdominal and breast areas. I have not yet reached my goal weight of 185 but my weight loss I feel will come from plastic surgery. I am currently 5'9 and 219lbs.

I've always been athletic as a teen and young adult but having children has reduced the desire to continue playing basketball and walking/jogging. To date I work out a couple of times per week by exercise walking.

It's my goal to reduce the saggyness of my breasts and torso and minimize/eliviate my love handles.


Hi there,

Welcome and congrats on losing so much weight, that's a great achievement!

Have you had any consultations yet for Liposuction? I haven't had lipo myself, but from everything I've read, they can only take a maximum of 5 liters of fat. Are you thinking of having anything other than Liposuction, such as excess skin removal surgery?

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I don't know exactly what procedures I am a canisters for at this time. I do plan to consulte with a physician next month to determine my next steps. I have chosen Dr. Denise Abner out of Charlotte as I was being seen by her prior to gastric bypass surgery for reconstruction of my breasts. Additionally I have consulted with a former collegue who has used her and who has also went through gastric bypass. I meet with my former collegue this weekend for breakfast and to get my questions answered about: Insurance claims Surgeries performed Experience with Dr Abner Recovery Ect I will let you guys know how it goes. I will keep you abreast as to my journey from start to finish.

Met with the ps today for initial consult. She...

Met with the ps today for initial consult. She recommended that I loose at least 10 lbs and suggested counting calories and increasing protein intake. She talked heavily about what to eat such more natural foods like nuts, fruits, and meats from the sea. Additionally she explained that adding a protein shake would be helpful. Today she provided me with samples to address the odor from my abdominal area due to skin on skin and poor ventilation and she took several pictures/measurements of my chest and abdominal sections.

When I return in about two months I will have to follow through with the following tasks:

- lost at least 10lbs
- increased protein intake
-increase caloric tracking
- have obtain paperwork/documentation of treatment from dermatologist, chiropractor, neurologist, and medical doctor.
I'm extremely excited about the journey to come! Stay tuned folks!!!

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