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I had liposonix on my saddlebags, upper inner...

I had liposonix on my saddlebags, upper inner thighs, and the outer thighs. Eight weeks post-procedure, I am still experiencing pain on the outer thigh areas. These areas are sensitive to the touch, and I am concerned that nerve, muscle, or tissue damage may have occurred. I am not sure this would be the case, or if is a case of these muscles being in constant use during normal physical activity and exercise, therefore taking longer to heal?

I have had liposonix on my flanks and abdomen, and while I experienced some post procedure pain and swelling, it did not last for an extended amount of time. Any thoughts, or medical knowledge concerning this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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I too underwent Liposonix on my outer thighs. As of 4 weeks, my measurements haven't gotten smaller. I am responding to your post because I too still have pain in the treatment area. It is mild pain...not bad enough to take a pill for, but bad enough to prevent me from doing any type of running or jumping. I can walk, but anything more athletic than that causes my thighs to jiggle, which is painful. I am still bruised in the treatment area. I'm quite surprised that the bruising has lasted this long. Most reviews of Liposonix said the bruising would only last a couple weeks. Perhaps the bruises and pain go away faster on the stomach? Had I known that the side effects would last so long, I might have opted for true liposuction instead, since it can achieve more.
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It has been almost 12 weeks since my procedure. I still have some pain on my outer thighs, but am starting to notice a very slight reduction in the appearance. I have noticed a greater difference in the saddlebag area (upper back of thighs). I am hoping for greater results as the weeks pass. I am still noticing differences from my original Liposonix procedure on my hips, which took place six months ago. It seems that certain areas respond more gradually than others. I too wish I had given consideration to tumescent liposuction in these areas and wonder if it would have yielded greater results sooner.
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I too had the liposonix procedure on the saddlebag area in June of 2012. I saw no results and was in pain/ sore for 3 months. I had another liposonix treatment done in October of 2012 ( it was free of charge since I hadn't seen any reduction in inches) and I still haven't see any results- no inch loss, still slight tenderness in that area. I think it is a waste of mone and I should have done traditional liposuction.
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Now 9 weeks post-Liposonix, I stil have visible bruises on both outer thighs. And I am still sore on both. I regret that I did Liposonix. I think the discoloration is scarring, not bruises. I also have not had any size reduction. My weight is exactly the same as it was 9 weeks ago.
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