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It's Okay... - Charlotte, NC

This is my 13th week of using Latisse... around 8...

This is my 13th week of using Latisse... around 8 weeks I did notice extra length but not enough to spend $120... I haven't noticed much more volume or length since that 8th week period... and its not even enough where anyone could tell the difference.

I do recommend using an eyeliner brush to put on the product rather than the big brushes they give you. I put latisse on every night for almost 13 weeks and Im still on my first bottle, so it does save a lot of the product. I also did notice some darkening of my eyelids (near where I apply the product) not enough to really bother me bc I would apply eyeliner there anyway. My two friends have had the same results as me.

I agree, I am on my 13th week, and I have length, but that is about it. I am going to try it for 16 weeks and then say forget it.
think maybe you should use the fda approved brush; maybe that's how it works. duh
Doesn't give me thickness, but strangely length in the ends (both ends by ducts, and corners).
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