I Would Not Recommend Liposonix - Charlotte, NC

I had Liposonix August 1st on my arms and inner...

I had Liposonix August 1st on my arms and inner thighs. I had reservations to start with because all I could find in the literature and on the internet was related to the abdomen. Well it is now nearly at the 12 week mark and no visible improvement. Personally - Definitely not worth the $5500 I spent.


I have scoured the internet searching for ONE successful case of Liposonix on saddlebags. I never found it, yet I paid for Liposonix on outer thigh anyway, thinking I would be the exception. 6 weeks post, I still have enough pain in the area to prevent me from running, and there is no measurable improvement. I still have visible lipodystrophy. If ANYBODY out there has seen before/after pics of successful liposonix on thighs, please POST. Otherwise, let's please get the word out that this procedure is not effective on saddlebags, so other hopeful women won't harm themselves physically/financially doing this.
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Hi really me, Too be honest you will probably not find photos on that area because the FDA has not approved liposonix for treatment on thighs. I would question someone even doing this with the current hand piece on the market because of the depth and the size of the transducer was not made for these areas. I hope that you are up and running again soon.
who did the procedure i live in Charlotte and I am considering either this or lipo
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