Results After 16 Months Are Minimal - Charlotte, NC

I had a facelift, neck lift, fat transfer, and...

I had a facelift, neck lift, fat transfer, and upper blephoplasty in March of 2011. By August and September the results seemed worth it. However, from that point on the results have deteroriated and you really can't tell my before pictures from the after. My doctor said that the deterioration was due to my skin texture. I wonder why he didn't know that before I spent $17,000. Now, he wants to do a complete facial laser facelift at a cost of $2,000 that he says will tighten up the skin. I am far from happy.

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I checked out a couple of surgeons several years ago while I was still saving for the surgery. He had a good reputation, was older and seemed more experienced.

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I'm sorry the results didn't last, luvtexas. Have you gotten a second opinion from another doc about why the results disappeared?

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Gosh luvtexas..i know exactly how you will,as i,ve had much the same result,or rather non result as you.
And these doctors always have an answer why results are not acceptable why do they do it in the first place.........oh,i know why,its the big bucks .
I personally would ,nt put my trust in my doctor ever again.....and i would never hand over more money after bad.
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