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Dont go to AMERICAN LASER CENTER in Charlotte, NC....

Dont go to AMERICAN LASER CENTER in Charlotte, NC. I had 2 E Matrix and 2 Affirm. These people never applied numbing cream, so you can imagine how that was, those who have had it before. I ask about the cream. "we dont do that here". The manager was super rude. I only missed and rescheduled 2 sessions in 6 months, then told me last month I would need to pay $75 for rescheduling, AFTER PAYING THEM 2,000 FOR NOTHING.. I never saw positive result, actually was worse. So. Look/Listen. Do your consult else where, then it might be worth your money. I ask who was the physician over seeing the procedure. I was told "oh, we have a few coming in". Thats not true. I never saw physician or a mention of any since then.

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Do deep research and read reviews well.

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May12, did you get eMatrix done? While my mom is getting numbing cream every time at the ALC she goes to, there hasn't been any results to be seen in almost 8 months. They are accomodating by giving her extra treatments, but I'm wondering if they knew it won't work but lied to us during the consultation to get us to buy the package.
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I could relate to your experience. I had my acne scar on my face done twice. In 2010, ALC in NYC and in 2012, ALC in Columbia, MD. It got worse. Currently, I'm having acne coming out and the smoothness on my face that I had was gone. I paid a lot of money that I had to take a medical loan from Chase. It's not worth it. If I can get the before and after pictures taken by/from ALC, I will post them here.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience. What a bummer to not see good results. :-/ If the things that you were hoping to correct with the eMatrix are still bothering you, are you considering trying another treatment or has this soured you from it all?

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