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Cool Sculpting - Charlotte, NC

I had cool sculpting on my flanks and hip area...

I had cool sculpting on my flanks and hip area first as I heard the tummy is painful. It has been 3 days now and I am a little numb and sore but the procedure wasnt too bad at all. If this works, I will have the tummy done next. I will update after about a month to see if I am noticing any changes yet.


These machines are like MRI machines....a license to steal.... The hospitals and clinics pay for them the first year and continue to charge thousands per procedure that is now 100% profit for years making millions....Cost did not come down until some doctors opened up MRI offices charging 1/3 of a hospital.
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Like everything medical you can look for the medical community to keep this procedure cost artificially high. As you said, this is a medically non invasive procedure ..cost should be 1/2 of this at the most...
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I'm not sure I agree that it is "artificially high" (judging by your username, you might be willing to chat about this?). You pay for the doctor's time, which is never cheap. And from what I've heard, these machines (whether it's a laser treatment, CoolSculpting, etc) are expensive. So you are, in essence, renting a Ferrari for a few hours, plus someone to drive it. :)

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His office has most experience with the procedure in the area

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