CO2 Laser Resurfacing...definitely Not Worth It! -Charlotte, NC

I paid $1,800 for a CO2 facial rejuvenation and...

I paid $1,800 for a CO2 facial rejuvenation and can not tell any difference. I was told it would tighten and help fine lines. After the procedure I was red and my chest looked like it had red scratches on it for quite some time. When that dissipated and I completely healed, my skin looked just as it did prior to the treatment. I never peeled as I was told I would. I will say that I have rather good skin to begin with but still feel like I should have seen some sort of difference. I am so disappointed!!! I now do not trust lasers at all as I think they are unpredictable and you end up spending a lot of money for nothing.

Can you tell me who did yours in Charlotte? I am wanting to do around my mouth and cannot afford to waste money.
Hey Robin65858. I don't really want to mention his name as he is a great plastic surgeon and I don't want to do anything to tarnish his reputation. I just think he should probably stick to the operating and get someone else to specialize in the laser procedures. I will give you this reference though...Dr. Andy Castillo at MD Laser Studio is fantastic and is actually who I wanted to have do mine in the first place, but I was already having a procedure done at the other doctors office so I decided to do both at the same time. Dr. Andy only does lasers and botox/fillers etc. That is his specialty and I have a friend that has had CO2 several times by him and loved it. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!

Thank you for sharing your review on this procedure.  I am sorry this did not work out for you...frustrating!

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