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I live in rock hill, sc and Im going to start...

I live in rock hill, sc and Im going to start dancing (exotic dancer) and I want a bigger butt and bump my breast size up to a C cup before May. The Brazilian butt lift was not an option because honestly I have no extra fat whatsoever, so I decided to go with the buttock implants.

I've been looking for A dr. in the charlotte area who can do both of these and so far no luck! So please someone help because this is something I really want because it's a start of my urban modeling career also. I have to start somewhere right? I also added a pic of me and FYI: I've been the same size since I was a freshman in HS.

Have you found a surgeon yet?

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

You can use our doctor finder feature, in order to find board certified surgeons, throughout the USA and Canada. Just click on the link, choose the City/State and then the type of procedure you're looking for. It should then bring up a list of surgeons in that area, if there are any.

Hop this helps!

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