I Have No Idea How Many Cc's to Get?! Help!- Charlotte, NC

I have been waiting 3 years to have a breast...

I have been waiting 3 years to have a breast argumentation and finally decided now is the right time to do it. It is so hard to find a doctor who is patient and informational. Mine was and I heart him!

Anyway, I had my consultation and it went well. I got to try on different sizer of implants but I still couldn't decide how many cc's I should get. I tried on 375 cc and it look big but not big enough. I am a 34 B/C right 115 lbs with a size 26 waist and I want a LARGE D. I'm afraid I might get them too small.

I use to have really big C breast before I had my son 3 years ago but they are way smaller now. They are not saggy just small and not perky like they use to be. I just need help with cc's. Any suggestions ladies??


Hey!! I am a 34b right now and 5'3 107 and I think I want a 34D (basically plus 2 cup sizes) and I am SO confused with CCs... and what kind of profile to get! I have my pre-op on friday so I am really relying on that to choose my size :/ My PS asked me to bring in a full coverage, no padding bra for my Pre-op, this way we can put the sizers in the bra and adjust as needed :)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right implant size for you. Please keep us posted!

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I think not less than 400's would give you what you want. I was a smallish b cup and I took 397s Allergan style 15, and I'm a solid 36 D. If you want to be DD prob a 425 on ur smaller frame would do it.
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