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I had breast augmentation surgery done about a...

I had breast augmentation surgery done about a week ago. I have Naturelle 370cc silicone implants midprofile. I am 5'7'' and 130lbs with a full A to start.

Every day I have been feeling like they are way too big. I do not regret having the surgery done, but wish they were smaller. I am almost a 34/36 D and wish I was much closer to a B.

I am very athletic and cannot imagine running with implants right now. Has anyone switched and when and what did you do. Need some help. Thank you!!


Hi h12! I recently downsized about 4 months ago and am SO GLAD I did. I also am tall and athletic and was always so self conscious of my D/DD implants. I notice you asked the question about 6 months ago...are you still feeling like they are too big or have you grown to love them? Check out my profile if you'd like to see my story.
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Welcome to RealSelf! Here's what some doctors have to say about swelling after breast aug. Did you go under the muscle?

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Everyone says they swell and seem super large at first. You just went through a surgery and altered your appearance. Try to focus on healing and don't think about how big or small u are. With time (3-6 months) you're swelling will go down and your implants will settle. Until then just remember that you need to focus on feeling physically well and keep the anxiety at bay. If in 6 months you feel you are too big, then talk with our PS. However, I'm sure you will feel more comfortable with your new friends in time!
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