Left Breast Bigger then the Right One. - Charlotte, NC

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I have...

I had my surgery 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I have notice my left breast is bigger than my right one and more sensitive. My surgeon did tell me he hurt the left one more. But I am worried that it's still bigger than the right one and I still have pain around areola, like a pulled muscle pain. My implants are under my chest muscle and the left one is 400cc's and the Right one is 425cc's. When I tried the implants one they looked good, but now why is the left one bigger???? I don't have any pain on my right breast, but my left hurts. I will be going to see my surgeon tomorrow, but can anybody help me with some answers??

This sounds completely normal at two weeks. Please do not worry! You should talk to your surgeon, he will reassure you of what's happening. Frankly I am surprised that he didn't educate you on what to expect after wards. It can take up to 6 months for your breast to completely even out. Lots of things are going on in your breast and they are healing. Please give yourself more time.
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