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Scheduled to have bodyjet, aqua shape lipo on...

Scheduled to have bodyjet, aqua shape lipo on 4/15/2014. I am 5'5", about 155lbs, mother of 1. I chose this procedure because I could have it done under local. I am hoping to have a more defined waistline and eliminate my muffin top and rolls and ultimately have a more curvy figure. I Will post before pics as I get closer to my surgery date.
Does the price include the anesthesia? That sounds a bit high for a local. Did you have other areas done? Thank you so much!
Yes, it is extremely high, but I believe it is because there are a limited number of doctors that do it...especially in my area. However, after researching it works out the same for me once I considered travel, taking time off from work...etc.
Exciting!  Thanks for starting a review, I can't wait to hear how things go :)
Are you doing anything to prepare for your procedure?
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I had my consultation a few weeks ago. Everyone in the office is very friendly and I am comfortable with my decision and this practice.

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