21yo Badly in Need of Breast Reduction - Charlotte, NC

So today i took step one towards my new life with...

so today i took step one towards my new life with itty bitties! I set up a consultation with Charlotte Plastic Surgery. If any has used them please tell me how your experience was!! So Ready to get these things off of me. I have 44h (probably bigger) breasts...i'm not gonna lie at first i thought they were fine but time and back issues and crying because all shirts are to tight in the chest and because no matter shirt i have on i'm spilling out...not to mention i'm asymmetrical very much so..Please keep me encouraged because i'm scared to death of surgery but i need it.

consultation day

well ladies i had my consultation today and it was really spirit shattering. The doctor said before we do anything else measurements, pics anything....i need to lose weight! Now of course i am plus-sized and I know that i needed to lose but he wants me to lose at least 120lbs before we can even worry about breast reduction for insurance sake. my heart really hurts i mean I've been trying to lose but its really hard. he told me maybe to look into gastric bypass for assistance. i'm so discouraged.. i didn't feel like i was That big!
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Congratulations! I was your size or bigger lol just like you and had my reduction on the 25th. So basically 4 wks post op. I will be honest and say I have infection in one breast BUT I DO NOT REGRET IT! While it is a possibility it isn't the "norm". The support from everyone here is really helping me! The pain relief on my back, neck, shoulders etc is unbelievable I mean immediately. When I consulted with my PS we first discussed going down to C Cup but because of my body frame I decided I wanted to be a full D. I love it. My lefty is so pretty and perky and I have absolutely no doubt the righty will return to the same. Don't let the fear consume you, I did, and ended up waiting over 20yrs. Can't wait for you to join us "on the other side"!
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well my first consultation is in about 2 weeks im ready to cross over
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It will go great! Just write down any and all questions cause w/o fail you will forget lol. Also my biggest advice is to make sure you are very confident and comfortable with your PS! Keep us updated.
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Hang in there I wore a DD but I hung up down and out the sides LOL But Im itty bitty now I hit my three month mark 15th Of July!!! You can do it HECK IM 52 and I made it!!!! Some people as young as you end up having two of them in your life time due to pregnancy hormones and menapausal hormones Good luck to you on your JOURNEY GO AS SMALL AS YOU CAN best time to tell them is when they are marking you before surgey so its fresh in surgeons MIND!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY TRAILS I have ZILLIONS OF Photos check out my review if it is help ful to you make sure you CLICK ON THE YES !!!!
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Thanks so much! in my younger years i was afraid of being flat chested but now it would be such a relief.
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