21yo Badly in Need of Breast Reduction - Charlotte, NC

So today i took step one towards my new life with...

so today i took step one towards my new life with itty bitties! I set up a consultation with Charlotte Plastic Surgery. If any has used them please tell me how your experience was!! So Ready to get these things off of me. I have 44h (probably bigger) breasts...i'm not gonna lie at first i thought they were fine but time and back issues and crying because all shirts are to tight in the chest and because no matter shirt i have on i'm spilling out...not to mention i'm asymmetrical very much so..Please keep me encouraged because i'm scared to death of surgery but i need it.

consultation day

well ladies i had my consultation today and it was really spirit shattering. The doctor said before we do anything else measurements, pics anything....i need to lose weight! Now of course i am plus-sized and I know that i needed to lose but he wants me to lose at least 120lbs before we can even worry about breast reduction for insurance sake. my heart really hurts i mean I've been trying to lose but its really hard. he told me maybe to look into gastric bypass for assistance. i'm so discouraged.. i didn't feel like i was That big!
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