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I Lived Through my Tummy Tuck

Hi, I am a 33 yr old mother of a 3 year old and a...

Hi, I am a 33 yr old mother of a 3 year old and a 7 year old. Since the birth of my son, my stomach was very messed up from stretch marks and loose skin but after the C-section with my youngest, it really became a sight. Loose, and hanging over the C-section incision, and even more stretch marks. Although my husband didn't complain, I felt extremely self-conscious about it. I was another one who was able to camouflage it well under clothes, so not too many people could even understand where I was coming from.

I researched it for a year, and found an experienced PS with a good reputation. I was SCARED to DEATH. I had to do it, i didn't feel as if I would have been happy not doing it, but I felt guilty for putting myself at such a risk just because I felt self-conscious. If something happened to me, it would be MY fault. So I couldn't get that thought out of my head.

Anyway, fast forward to June 23rd: that was my surgery date, and it was a complete success. I only remember walking into the OR, lying down, three nurses helping get me all hooked up to monitors, and then I was waking up in recovery asking for something to drink.

No problems thus far. It is currently 72 hours post surgery and I have graduated from narcotics pain meds to just ibuprofen..yay!!!! All in all, very worth it. Anyone thinking about it, I say, do your research, and go for it. I will post pics soon

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Certified PS with an acreddited surgical facility.Very caring office and staff and very experienced. Everyone was always SUPER helpful and nice whenever I had any questions about anything.

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I am in charlotte too and thank goodness we are so blessed to have so many great plastic surgeons to fix these post baby bellies and such! I had a tummy tuck and breast aug 4 weeks ago and feel great, the pain was minimal until exercising and things more strenuous and even then not bad at all, I would recommend it to anyone who has the saggy belly that wont go away.I was also like you all in I didnt tell too many people due to the many opinions some may have, I told those that I wasnt close to but had to tell them I would be out for a while that I was having female surgery and no-one asked anything after saying that. The only issue I am having now is what to use that will begin working on the horrible scar that it left, any thoughts?
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Hi, I'm glad to hear things went so well for you too. I am ecstatic about my results. I can't stop looking in the mirror. My PS has me using the brown tape from his office (its like a strong paper tape), and he recommends that for a few weeks more. He says that it will flatten the scar. I'm african american, so the color of my scar is just a shade darker than me. I don't know what to do about that as of yet. However, I have heard of people using silicone strips and mederma. Have you heard anything about these things?
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You have described exactly what I have been feeling and thinking. I am 36 and had 2 c-sections. I am so scared and worried about if I am being selfish. I have my tt on 7/12 and keep having anxiety. I finally told my closest friends. I am very sure I want this and I did not want anyone to try to scare me and change my mind. They are now supportive. I also have been obsessed for the past 5 years and it has ultimately taken over. I am not happy with me... my husband loves me unconditionally but I am soo self consious of my belly. I have been reading on this site for the past 2 weeks. I feel soo much better and confident. I am still SCARED TO DEATH. I am glad I am not the only one.
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I am in the exact same boat: going in on 7/12 and scared out of my mind. And yet, I can't think of cancelling because I have been wanting this for so long. I had four c-sections in four years and the first time I caught a view of myself from the side, as I was getting into the shower... I will never forget that moment. So I'm finally doing this thing that I've wanted for myself, for so long, and I can't stop worrying if I'm being selfish, what if something happens to me, what will happen to my kids, etc. I hope you post your progress as it goes along. I will be putting up more comments as I go along. I just look at the before & after photos and remind myself that while I am scared right now, I have wanted this for so long that it just has to be the right thing to do. Good luck!!
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Great news! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Please keep us posted on how you're healing.

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I feel like my story mirrors yours. I have two sets of twins (9 &6) plus a lovely separate hysterectomy. Stomach is a train wreck! I am scheduled for July 28th - TT and breast lift (no implants). I am 39. But I am SCARED to DEATH as well. I am bordering obsesses with how nervous I am. I know the results with not only how I look but more importantly how I feel will be worth it. But I am freaked out about the pain afterwards. It is truly uplifting to hear your story. I am crossing my fingers that I too will have a similar after story. You just made made breathe a sigh of relief. I haven't told anyone, only my husband knows. I do not plan on telling my family members until 2 weeks or so before and I am not not telling my job at all. I will take some time off and then work from home and then onto a low key vacation. I am just not up to a billion opinions. I am doing this 100% for me. Please keep me posted on your progress, so glad to hear it is in a positive direction.
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Thanks for sharing. I am going in a few weeks before you and will continue to post as things go along. I might even--gasp!--try to upload before and after photos. I'm really getting nervous, 5 days ahead of time, so can only imagine what a basket case I'll be the night before and morning of. My PS comes highly recommended and I've been wanting this for so long that I am trying hard to have confidence it'll all work out. Wish me luck and I'll write up more stuff as it happens.
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I am still doing extremely well. I kept mine a secret too. My family still doesn't know. We live long distance, so it wasn't hard to keep it secret. Just follow your PS instructions, and I'm sure you will do just fine. I look forward to hearing about it afterwards. Good Luck!!!
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Thank you! It is great to hear you are doing well. I still haven't told anyone. Partially because this is my decision and I want to avoid the 1,000 opinions and also the just in case it doesn't happen for any reason I do not want to stir the pot unneccarily. I was going to have a breast list (no implants) as well. I was 50% sure I wanted this done at the same time. As it turns out my mammo and ultra sound revealed 'areas of concern" that needs to be monitored again in the next 6 months. My obgyn assured me that I have multiple cysts and nothing more. But he said to ABSOLUTELY NOT touch the breasts until I have gone back for a follow up ultra sound and also seen a breast surgeon for a thorough exam. Initially I was saddened but I also felt a huge sense of relief. So I guess that other 50% of me kicked in - now is not the right time for a lift. I do know that I am 1,000% sure of the TT. I am getting more excited and can not wait. So I know I am doing the right thing. I have my pre-op today for medical clearance with my GP, some blood work. Fingers crossed I get the thumbs up! I would really upset if it turns out this won't happen. I can't see why it wouldn't but I just want to hear "Yup, go ahead"....
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