My Breasts Are So Large That They Scare Me

Pros, they are beautiful and look very natural...

Pros, they are beautiful and look very natural although large.

Cons, the placement concerns me and I am afraid of rupturing them.

This is my second augmentation, the first was in my twenties and they had moved up and started to become firm. I wanted my breasts a little larger and my surgeon said that I really needed to replace the existing implants.

I had surgery to enlarge my breasts about 3 months ago and I love my breasts, they really are beautiful and look very natural. I am however afraid of them, they are so large that I am afraid of rupturing them if I bounce them too much even during intercourse and this of course makes my husband sad. They turned out to be larger than what I expected and the surgeon placed them partially under the muscle instead of completely under the muscle as I requested. I can't find a sports bra large enough to keep them in place during exercise either. I have searched the internet to see if there is anyone else out there with my concern and I am beginning to feel that I am all alone in feeling this way.


UndecidedinNC, First, breast implant shells (made from silicone) are quite durable and compliant. I've got a pic of a vehicle parked on a filled breast implant, and it remained quite intact. Bulging to be sure, but still quite intact. Breast implant engineers have been known to test the durability of the shells by overfilling them to 4-5 times their rated size, without issue. Assuming that you got saline implants, your surgeon would likely not have overfilled them by more than 20% of the rated size. If you have silicone implants, overfill isn't even an option. So regarding your concerns about abrupt or overly energetic movement of your breast implants, it's unlikely that such movement would cause the device to fail. (This presumes of course that there are no other factors, such as excessive rippling, age of the device (eg, 10+ years), inherent manufacturing flaw, and so on.) Breast implants are very robust medical devices. You should have every reason to relax. :-) While on this subject, you should of course take appropriate protective measures if you engage in any activities which could increase the risk to the implant device. For example, if you are active in BMX or motocross jumping, you'll definitely want to wear a protective chest guard, as the impact from a poorly executed landing (eg, chest to handlebars) could cause an implant to rupture. A fairly crude generalization, but if you take a fall and land on your breasts and the fall isn't severe enough to cause you pain or a bruise (or worse), chances are the implant will be fine. That said, it would definitely be worth visiting your family doc (or your surgeon) to confirm that the implant is intact. (By the same token, if you have dental fillings and fall on your chin, you might want to have a checkup to ensure your fillings are still intact. Or the rest of your teeth, for that matter.) Which leads into your other question pertaining to wearing the proper bra for your shape/size, but to keep going braless to a minimum, in order to enjoy your current look for as long as possible. Gravity is NOT your friend. Some post-augmentation women even choose to wear a bra while sleeping. This is a personal decision you'll have to make. There are all sorts of larger bras available out there, although admittedly sports bras in the larger sizes are a little harder to come by. It'll depend on your area, but Nordstrom might be a good bet, or even Lane Bryant (even though the latter might ordinarily not be on your shopping list). You would probably have better luck online, and many such online boutiques provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you're handy with a needle and thread (or have a friend/relative who is), you could first find a bra which has the right cupsize, then have them take in the bandeau for you.
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Lack of communication between patient and surgeon leads to improper breast size. It seems the size is interfering with your life style. If so, an Experienced BOARD CERTIFIED PS will be able to spend enoughtime with you and your huband and make the appropriate measurement to advise you on the proper size that you and your husband are comfortable and enjoyable to both
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He is very highly recommended and the work that he does is beautiful.

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